Sunday Morning Divine Service - 9:00 AM

The center and core of the life of Emmanuel Lutheran Church is found in the Divine Service of the Church. It is here where our Triune God serves us with His Means of Grace ... the Gospel in Word and Sacraments. It is there He spiritually feeds us, giving us forgiveness, strength, and hope to carry out our Christian vocations during the rest of the week.

Sunday morning Divine Service is a festive service springing from the joy of Easter. Sunday was the day that our Lord rose in victory over the grave. Emmanuel Lutheran Church embraces the historic liturgy of the church, because we recognize that the Christian grows strongest in the one true faith as he or she hears, week in and week out, the story of man's salvation from sin, death, and Satan's grasp ... and that story is best conveyed in the timeless form and content of the historic Divine Service. Each Sunday, Emmanuel Lutheran follows one of the five Divine Service orders found in the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod hymnal, Lutheran Service Book, and also utilizes the propers (specially assigned Scripture readings and prayers) that are connected with that hymnal. Because Christians draw strength from the forgiveness of Christ alone, we celebrate the Lord's Supper every Sunday.

Midweek Divine Service (in the chapel) - Wednesday 6:30 PM

Our cool and quiet chapel is the serene setting for our Wednesday Evening Divine Service. The liturgy of Holy Communion begins at 6:30 p.m. and features a spoken service, one sung hymn, and an informal sermon. As the service does not repeat the Sunday readings and preaching, the service is both an additional opportunity to receive the Lord’s gifts during the week as well as a convenient opportunity for those unable to attend church on Sunday. The service lasts just over a half an hour. 

During the seasons of Advent and Lent, special Midweek Services of Evening Prayer are offered in the church on Wednesday evenings. The sermons preached at these services are completely different than the Sunday morning sermons, as they focus the hearer upon the penitential yet hopeful themes of these special seasons of the church year. Organ music, congregational hymns, and occasional choral anthems are included in these services.

Morning Prayer and Praise (in the chapel) - Thursday 8:45 AM

Thursday mornings at Emmanuel offer the opportunity to begin your day with a short (20 minute) service of prayer and praise. Specific services will rotate and may include Morning Prayer, Matins, Prayer and Preaching or a specific Litany. The reading of Scripture and prayer are the basis for this service which also offers a great introduction to the Thursday Bible Class which begins at 9:00 AM.